Duli Beach Surfing FelixIn the Phillipines there are two seasons. You have the dry season and wind and swell come from the North -East, they call this Amihan and runs from December to May. The second  season they call the wet season where the wind and swell then come from the South-West, which they call Habagat and runs from June to November. Both seasons and their swells give a consistent break at Duli Beach which makes it a great spot for surfing. The sandy slope gives a nice beach break, so beginner, pro and everything in between will definitely have good fun surfing here. The beach has on average seven months per year nice waves for surfing and is still pretty much secluded.

3At the resort we rent surfboards in all different shapes and sizes. For example we have for the beginners 8 feet foam longboards to start off with. Any skill level after beginner can find his or her preferred board in the rack, with short- and longboards to choose from. We also have in-house instructors ready to go, to give you surf lesson or assistance if wished for. You can find them either in the water or in our Restaurant / Bar.
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