Duli Beach Resort is located in the west of the Philippines, in the north of the Island Palawan. Our location is 25 km above El Nido town, in the Barangay Bucana. By pressing on the orange turtle in the map on the right side you will see the location of the resort on Google Maps and how to get there.

The road from El Nido town to Duli Beach is best done by motorbike, tricycle, car or van. In El Nido town you will find different places that rent out motorbikes. A motorbike will cost you around 500 pesos a day.  Tricycles can be flagged down on the street in El Nido. For a full day, two way trip, the driver will charge you around 1500 peso per tricycle. For a one way trip they ask around 1000 peso. A private van to and from the beach can be arranged for approximately 2000 peso per one way. This depending on time of arrival and availability.

To get to Duli Beach Resort:

  • Duli Beach ResortFrom El Nido town go north on the national highway towards the direction of El Nido Airport.
  • After 10 km turn left at the ‘Pasadena – Bucana – sign’, so stay on the concrete road.
  • Turn left after another 14 km at the ‘Bucana – sign’, this is where you leave the concrete road and continue on the dirt road.
  • After 4 km keep right at the junction just before Bucana, here the road and therefor you start your climb over the mountain.
  • You will see after another kilometer a small sign on your right: DULI BEACH. This is where you turn left and leave the “main road”.
  • Follow this road for roughly 800 meters until you reach the beach.
  • Turn left and head west when you reach the beach for another 300 meters, the location of Duli Beach Resort is in the west corner of Duli Beach.

If you need help with transportation please contact us.