Palawan: Top 10 Best Regions!

PalawanThe Lonely Planet came with their Best In Travel 2013: Top 10 Best Regions. Guess what? They valuated Palawan as one of them. “The ultimate archipelago for adventurers! Palawan incorporates thousands of sparkling, rugged islands and is fringed by 2000km of pristine coastline. So far Palawan’s natural marvels have only been sampled by plucky backpackers. Not for much longer. The trail these pioneers have blazed is set to explode, with regional airlines waking up to Palawan’s potential and clambering to schedule direct flights to the capital. Throw in the mushrooming growth of style-conscious boutique hotels normally found in places like Ko Samui or Bali, and you can feel that Palawan is ready to hit the big-time in 2013.”

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