El Nido: One of the world’s best beaches!

006CNN published a Top 100 World’s Best Beaches. Is it possible to rank the world’s best beaches? CNN thought it was; they have scoured the planet, demanded answers from their most well traveled friends, colleagues and cohorts, absorbed passionate pleas from readers, researched, investigated and examined the evidence then finally tipped the sand from their shoes, washed the brine from their eyes and put together a pretty good guide to the best beaches on the planet. We were pretty pleased to see that the number 14 on the list is: El Nido, Palawan, Philippines! They described El Nido as follows: “… is the gateway to adventure, ‘the last frontier’ of the Philippines. Powder-fine beaches and gin-clear waters complement the stunning views of karst limestone formations, empty lagoons, marble cliffs, prehistoric caves and waterfalls.”

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