Best beaches in the world 2021

Best Beaches

Whether you’re seeking a sandy stretch that feels like it’s your alone, hidden bays on tropical islands or buzzing party spots, Big 7 Travel has all the top spots on their annual list of the Best Beaches In The World 2021. Using aggregated scores from previous media results, official Blue Flag locations and contributions from the Big 7 Travel editorial team, these are the most amazing beaches to visit this year (if you can’t actually visit, you can at least dream about it until you can!). It’s a diverse list, with black sandy shores, city beaches and plenty of islands. From Myanmar to Mauritius, consider this your essential vacation guide. On the fifth position of the total of fifty beaches is Secret Lagoon in El Nido. You swim through a hole in the limestone rocks to enter a hidden bay with crystal clear water and soft sand. It feels untouched, with the white sandy beach and tropical jungle.

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