Restaurant / Bar

At the resort there is a Restaurant / Bar. The food is tasty and fresh. The drinks are refreshing and cold.

4Local fisherman provide us daily with the ‘catch of the day’. Fish, squid, octopus, lobster and / or mussels will be on the menu if they bring it in. Besides fresh seafood there are always freshly made meals for everyone’s liking. We have a big variety of drinks. Pick your favorite beer, shot, soda and/ or juice. Even though we are not connected to the electricity grid we can guarantee you the drinks are cold!

2 The surroundings are all set up to relax the whole day. If you stay at the resort you can have your breakfast, lunch and/ or diner at the table in the restaurant or choose to have it on your own balcony.



There are lounge chairs to relax and lay back and for your siesta you can either pick a hammock or you choose your perfect spot for one of the comfortable sunbeds.



8The resort will be a perfect location to visit for a day or to stay a few days in one of the spacious bungalows.