From El Nido to Duli Beach

El Nido TownFrom El Nido town to Duli Beach is approximately a 25 kilometer drive and is best done by car, motorbike or tricycle. 

In El Nido town you will find different places that will rent out cars or motorbikes. A car will cost you around 3000 pesos a day and a motorbike around 600 pesos. Tricycles can be flagged down on the street in El Nido and for a fullday the driver will charge around 1500 peso and for a one way drop he will ask around 1000 peso.

To get to Duli Beach:

  • From El Nido town go north towards the direction of El Nido Airport.
  • After 10 km turn left at the ‘Pasadena – Bucana – sign’.
  • After another 14 km turn left at the ‘Bucana – sign’.
  • After 4 km keep right at the junction of Bucana.
  • After another kilometer you will see a small sign on your left: DULI BEACH.
  • To reach the beach, follow the small path and walk / ride for another 800 m.
  • Turn left and head west when you reach the beach, Duli Beach Resort is located in the corner.